Friday, June 21, 2013

Ancient African Civilizations

We recently completed our studies on Ancient African Civilizations. 

We read about Nubia and the Kingdom of Kush, 

the Axums, the Nok People, the Bantu People, 

and the Kingdoms of Ghana and Mali.

We also watched documentaries from the BBC series
Kingdoms of Africa.

Lu is loving the African folklore.

I even found some in Spanish.
(that's history and bilingual language arts wrapped up in one, score!)

After reading, Lu retells the story to me, 
which is a highlight of my day :)

Here, he is retelling a story from Zambia:

After telling me the story,
 we come up with a synopsis together.

In this story, the synopsis was: 

"A boy saves his sister from being eaten
by her man-lion husband." 

Putting a whole story into one sentence 
is not as easy as it might seem. 

*   *   *   *   *   *

And here's Lu's final timeline for Ancient Africa.

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