Thursday, April 4, 2013

Second Year Anniversary!

Two years ago today, Lu and I had our very first homeschool day.

Last year we celebrated with breakfast out and a swim in the lake, and this year we totally forgot about it until the afternoon. So we'll do something special on the weekend. After all, it is most definitely celebration-worthy. Our lives changed that day, in many, many ways.

 This is Lu on our first day of homeschool.
April 4, 2011

Lu decided he wanted to be homeschooled on a Friday, and we started the next Monday. So I had exactly two days to figure out HOW to start. I also had a dance class to teach that morning, so I set him up with some paint and let him at it.

Over these two years, I've learned to relax about our schedule. I've also learned to push aside the boring, tedious or unnecessary subjects and resources. I no longer spend half my free time hunting for new curricula, and reading about how other homeschoolers do it.  
I *do* still read homeschool blogs for new ideas, as well as for feeling part of a homeschool circle (no co-ops around here) - but not as much as I used to. I trust Lu's interests, and our rhythm.

I still break a cold sweat when we start a new math unit. Everything math-wise is unfamiliar territory from here on. But just this last week something wonderful happened. Lu gave me a math class.

Our worksheet asked us to measure angles. We needed a protractor. OMG. We don't have a protractor. Panic. Panic. What will we do?

Oh right. My husband is a builder. I bet he has one. Okay. He does. OMG. OMG. I don't know how to use a protractor. Well, once upon a time I did, but not anymore. Ask husband if he can be a little late to work today, and give Lu a short class on how to use one. 
Phew! Yes, he can! ...and I can go finish my coffee :)

I *could* look up a YouTube tutorial, but... 
I have a weird blockage in my brain that makes me panic
when it comes to learning new math concepts.

Twenty minutes later, Lu calls me down - 

"Mama, come here. 
I'm going to show you how to use a protractor."

And, ladies and gentleman, I now know how to use a protractor. 
:taking a bow:

Lu loves to learn, and he loves to read, and there's not a lot more a homeschool parent could ask for. Besides his fidgeting, I don't have much to complain about. He's genuinely interested in history, science, and math. He's great at grasping new concepts, and does pretty well at retaining information in general, and very well at retaining the stuff that really grabs him. So, all in all, I feel confident that he'll get to where he needs to go. 

But sometimes, some things get...


we're so busy learning about ancient civilizations 
or evolution, or Jupiter's moons, 
that we forget some "little" things, 


oh say...

the names of the months. 

Gulp. The names of the months!
:shaking head in shame:

Yup. Just a few weeks ago, we realized that Lu did not know the names or order of the months. In 5th grade. Oops. Well, we nipped it in the bud, in not one, but two languages. I look forward to running into more of these, as I'm sure we will.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Two years homeschooling has taught me that the best I can do as a parent is love my child for who he is, and be honest about who I am. 
I have limitations and I make mistakes, and taking on the responsibility for my child's education is a lot less daunting since I have accepted this.

More and more, it becomes a practice of not forcing things and going with the flow, with complete trust in where the flow will take us, and that there will be enough time to get there.

What matters is the ride. 

Every day. 

Every moment.


  1. Congratulations to Lu and Mama on the second anniversary!

  2. Nice work! I love that you know how to use a protractor now - no so scary, yes? I feel like we are in a similar homeschool zone as you - but I love the way you describe it; it makes me very glad we homeschool and also very glad we follow your blog :-)