Friday, April 12, 2013

Scorpion Dance, Tidy Room, Rome, Anatomy and Early Morning Self-schooling

Last weekend ended with a most magnificent spectacle. These two scorpions were dancing, claw in claw, on Lu's bedroom floor. Well, they weren't really dancing, but it looked like it - feet tapping, turning around in circles, back and forth... They were fighting, probably to the death. But a bowl and a piece of cardboard threw them out the window before there could be a victor.

There was also much room-tidying over the weekend, and into the week. Lu moved all his furniture, swept, and reorganized everything on the bookshelves. He even cleaned out the stuff and yuckiness under his bed, and tackled the dreaded desk drawer. On Sunday, he spent six straight hours (with a short lunch break) going at it. This kind of focus and completion is a rarity.

In history, we've been learning about Ancient Rome - the architecture, the emperors, the senate, and the dictators. We took a detour to Carthage, and watched the "Engineering an Empire" documentary on this fashionable and alternative city, founded by a most radical Phoenician princess. Very awesome story.

 We've also been studying the human body.

 For P.E. we've been taking long walks up the valley twice a week,

and swimming twice a week.

 Soon the rains will come, and we won't be able to swim for a while,
so we're getting as much lake time as we can these days.

For the last three days, I've woken up to find Lu up, dressed, fed and finishing up all his morning work.  He recently decided it was time to start sleeping in his own bedroom (we've shared a family bed since he was born), and he's been setting his alarm for 5:30am!

He's becoming so independent with his learning,
I just hope that he doesn't completely stop needing me 
as a learning partner.


  1. You have one of the neatest kids!!!!
    I wish we were neighbors!

  2. I've been reading your blog for a while and have never commented. I love your posts and photos.