Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Petals, and Pebbles, and Seeds, and Stuff

This year, we'll be having weekly art classes during the months that Lu's social arts program isn't running. We'll be working with this book, but really any book or website about famous artists, or art history, would do. Just pick an artist, look at his or her work, talk about it, make something inspired by it.

Yesterday, we had our first session. 

We read a bit about the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo,
and looked up more of his work online.

Then we made a little pile of stuff:
pebbles, string, rice, corn, shells, seeds...

and Lu started working on his design.

He went out to the yard a few times,
to collect more material.

He worked through the whole afternoon.

And as the sun was setting...

 he glued on the last leaf,
and called it a day.

You could also use buttons, bottle caps, lids, broken toy bits...,
or make an impermanent mosaic without the glue.

Here are some other examples:


  1. What a great art activity! I love how this would be totally doable for the perfectionist child - gets away from the idea of art as just reproduction.

  2. Love this activity!! And I love how he indulged in it the whole day. What a way to immerse oneself!

  3. Fun and lovely! I think my girls would enjoy this, too.

  4. Gabriella, this was EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!