Thursday, November 10, 2011


It's been pretty relaxed around here lately.
We've mostly been finishing up projects
and all 3rd grade stuff.

We're done with several subjects,
which has freed up plenty of time
to catch up on the others.

It's nice to not have to rush,
and just flow through the day,
doing a bit of this and a bit of that.

I wish I could say we've been taking naps,
but we're not really nap people.
(Our kittens sure nap lots though!

working on our Greek Mythology Unit
we read a story together, he summarizes,
I dictate his summary, and he types it.
We still have a lot of work to do on his handwriting,
but typing in Word has really helped his spelling.

catching and studying incredible creatures


making and eating Sushi

working on the last chapter of 3rd grade Science
I'm especially proud of our Science notebook.
All year, I prepared questions, we would read together,
and then he would answer the questions.

For this last chapter, we're doing it the other way around.
He pre-reads and prepares questions, we read together,
and then I answer the questions.
He loves being the teacher!

Today, one of the assignments was:
Here, do something creative with this
used toiled paper roll.

And 73 minutes later, voilá,
Man on Swing!


  1. *LOVE* this post. :) Instead of finishing up things, we've scrapped some of our plans entirely, and basically started this school year over! I love how creative your son is, and the man on a swing is the student-as-teacher too.

  2. I think 'man on a swing' is fantastic - very creative.
    I love Sushi but have never made it. Yours looks yummy.
    This is a great post - it really captured what homeschooling is about to me. I enjoyed reading it very much.
    best wishes, Julie.