Saturday, October 1, 2011

Six Months!!!!!!

We are celebrating 6 wonderful months of homeschooling!

This was our very first day -
we painted, mostly because I didn't know what else to do.This was our very first project -
we learned all about the Mesozoic Era,
fossils, extinction and the age of the Earth.

We learned about continents and oceans,
and know all the countries of our continent.

We did SO much writing -
creative writing, summaries, poems...
we learned about the parts of speech,
did lots of spelling lists and worked on composition.

We did loads of math and science,
and felt a strong attraction to these subjects.
We did our second big project on
The Solar System
Tomorrow is the gran debut of The Pluto Monologues!
We did ballet once a week with a friend.
Dance, circus, arts&crafts and music
every Tuesday and Friday at our
Art Center

We started our most recent project on
Greek Mythology
We had kittens!
Played soccer with the cat?We built a new bedroom
bringing an end to 8 years of co-sleeping
(mama's still having difficulties with this one)
Took our first big family trip
Survived another hurricane season
in the tropics
Welcomed our river back,
built dams
and had lots of picnics
I still managed to put on a few performances
and get some creative outlet

DH and I celebrated our 7yr anniversary
Bought a new mac with this silly photo programstarted this blog, met lots of awesome people in the hs communities,
and finally figured out what "dh", "dd", "ds", etc. mean after
months of guessing because I was too shy
to ask on the forums.

We love homeschooling!


  1. What a lovely recap at the half year mark! Wishing you a wonderful second half to the year :)

  2. Thanks Melissa. Your advice (in comments, the forums and on your blog) have helped me so much.

  3. These are wonderful photos! I saw you on the secular homeschool blog. Your first six months was jammed pack with so much! It makes my head dizzy. But I know you can get a lot done in a shorter amount of time at home than in the classroom!

  4. What a beautiful round up of the last six months! You all look so happy, which for me is one of the marks of successful homeschooling!