Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Journey 2011 in photos

waving a see-you-soon to our volcanoes

first stop - California
appreciating the size of the redwood trees

first night of camping

we spent 45 hours total in the car
(we don't normally travel in cars
more than a few times a year,
and only for short distances)

we flattened pennies

camped in a wild and windy desert

had a run-in with an angry centipede

visited the Homol´ Ovi Hopi Ruins in Arizona
and got a great historical tour

got to New Mexico
and played on my aunt's real piano
(we only have a tiny keyboard at home)

got quite a lot of schoolwork done
in no-stress bits and bobs
whenever we felt like it

fetched eggs from the chicken coop every day

found all kinds of shapes and colors
in the clouds and the flowers

learned to ride

took hikes and even saw a bear!

hung out with the cousins
at the swim hole by the river

practiced sumo wrestling

hunted, caught, interacted with, and released snakes

it was an epic journey!


  1. What a brilliant photo-journal of your trip! I love the photo by the swim hole.

  2. Looks like it was an amazing trip! :)