Friday, July 1, 2011

Moving Out at 8 yrs. old

Yup, he´s 8 yrs. old and he´s moving out... of our bedroom.
We've been co-sleeping since the moment he was born, and now it's coming to an end. Plans of adding on to our house have been going for a few years, but were only made serious last December when we actually started building. Our son's new bedroom is almost finished and, all too soon for me, I will have to learn to get used to sleeping without him.

It was really from his own insistence that we finally decided to build. My husband and I were putting it off because we didn't want the change, but son declared that he needed his own space and was ready to sleep alone. But what about me? I don't know if I'll be able to sleep without having my arms wrapped around my little bundle of warmth.

The first thing people wonder when they find out that we practice co-sleeping is...
"What do you and your husband do when you... ahem, ahem"
Well, we don't use the bedroom for that. I have friends that do, and I don't judge them, it's just that the idea never really appealed to us. So this big change also represents the first marital bed for us (should be interesting).

The boy is very excited. He can't wait and asks every day when he gets to move in, or out as I see it. I guess it's time.

I'm a big supporter of co-sleeping. If you're wondering if it's right for you and your family Read This Article.


  1. That's sweet. My boy moved out this year too - but only to a bed about 30cm away from ours! always nice to hear about other long term co-sleepers. Hope your boy enjoys his space! If he's anything like mine, he'll be back for the occasional 'sleepover' in mama's bed :)

  2. I love this. We are co-sleeping. My baby turns 3 in a few weeks, I love reading of others that have done this long term :-)

  3. Awww....we were cosleepers for a long time, then the last few years it has been off-and-on. For the last two years, it has been less co-sleeping, and more sleeping in the same room. As long as my son feels happy and secure, I'm fine with that. :) But, it is a hard transition for us mamas when the kiddos start wanting more independence and room. But, that is what we are raising them up to handle, right?

  4. I'm still having a hard time getting used to it, but he seems to be doing better than fine - he loves it.
    I have a friend who's son didn't give up co-sleeping until he was 13! Why wasn't mine like that?!
    When people used to ask me how long I thought of doing it, I would say - "until he starts growing armpit hair and getting smelly".
    My husband misses it too, which is perfect. We can sulk together while the boy parties in his room.
    I hope that the growing popularity of co-sleeping (in western culture - as it is the norm in most other cultures around the world) will bring about some scientific studies proving how much more emotionally stable our kids are because of it. Maybe then people will stop putting their babies in barred beds down the hall.
    Power to the co-sleepers!