Thursday, February 23, 2017

Random Cool Stuff My 8th Grader Does

Drawing stuff:

Lu's really getting into his dot-work.

Some of the designs are inspired by 
we're reading this year.

It's all about seeing geometry in everything.

Here he learned how to make Borromean Rings -

Guitar stuff:

The guitar is a big part of Lu's life. 
He plays every day. Draws guitars. 
Sells baked goods to save up and buy more guitars.  
His room is full of guitars. 

He's a little guitar crazy :)

Ed has been Lu's guitar teacher for 3 years now.

Computer stuff:
 And here is Lu doing something very complicated with his computer. 
Installing or rebooting or hard-driving or something like that. 
I would tell you more, but I understand no-thing about it.

So, besides the Portuguese explorers, and the linear inequalities, and the ionic bonds we've been studying, there's also all this cool stuff that sometimes isn't even on the schedule. It's the magical stuff that happens when there's time to explore and listen to what calls you. 
I love seeing Lu find and follow these interests.

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