Friday, March 4, 2016

A Goat/Kitchen-Centered Life

This picture of our kitchen table is very telling of what our lives are like these days. Lu is trying to figure out how to assemble his new cream separator that came with a manual in some Eastern European language. You can see our 30-yr-old Scrabble board. That red tub is goat lice treatment. And the baby bottle you ask?

The baby bottle is for our little Almendra (almond). 

She and her sisters were born on another farm
and separated from their mother,
so she needs to be bottle-fed.

Her sisters have since gone to other homes,
and we officially have six goats now.

 The cream separator is still learning how to be used. lol
But we'll soon be eating goat butter and goat cream!

Lu has been experimenting with different cheese recipes,
and we're having ricottas and mozzarellas daily!

This is a chili and herbs rolled cheese.

Lu is managing an on-going fermentation process 
that makes a hibiscus flower probiotic fizzy drink.
He also has some ginger beer fermenting :)

 It's a pretty goat/kitchen-centric life right now,
but we also do normal school things.

Like guitar-playing:

 Lu is currently reading Don Quixote

Our algebra skills are getting pretty solid
if I do say so myself.

This is a year of Revolutions in History class.
We finished our studies on the American Revolution
and now we're learning about the French Revolution.

Besides all the exercise Lu gets walking the goats
for two hours every morning,
we also do swimming and dancing for P.E.

Goats and school make for a hectic schedule, no doubt.
Our days start at 5:30am and it's go, go, go until dinner time.
But we're happy and inspired with everything we're doing,
and that's a lot to be grateful for.

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