Friday, October 9, 2015

Goats and Chickens

Lu really wants goats and chickens. So, he's doing some apprenticing with two different homesteader friends as a prerequisite for any animal-purchasing. It's all very new to me too, so I've been reading up and learning all about coops and feeds and all that farm-y stuff. Like all farmers, our friends start their day very early, which for us has meant waking up at (the ungawdly hour of) 5am, eating a quick breakfast, and rushing out to their places on time to milk the goats. Since Lu is the main force behind this project, he is the designated pancake-maker on these days.

We want eggs, milk, cheese and meat, 
so slaughtering has to be part of the apprenticeship.

He thanked the chickens before slitting their throats,
and then plucked and eviscerated them.

He did it decidedly and respectfully,
as our friend told him to.

It was a proud mama moment,
not only of how well he did it,
but of how I didn't faint while watching.

We'll have our own goats and chickens in a few months.
It's all very exciting :)

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