Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our 7-week Break

This is our fifth year homeschooling and we had never taken such a long break as we did this year. The original plan was for a five-week break, but it just felt so good, we stretched it out a bit longer. 

We really needed this.

We didn't go anywhere fancy or even do anything all that exciting.
We just swam a lot, ate a lot, stayed up late a lot, and slept in a lot.

And it was blissful :)

 At the lake:

Even Cha managed a WHOLE week off!

At the pool:

Bonfire in our yard:

 Lu's clubhouse is finally finished!

Making his first pizza:

At the pool again, with friends:

We had a blast!

Tomorrow we're back to business, with lots of cool new projects,

Lu's main project will be researching 
the twenty most influential cities of the world,
and creating a slideshow presentation.

This will be an independent project,
and I'm so excited to see what he does with it :)

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