Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Concert, Mom's Day, Algebra, and a Protest Poster

Lu played a few sets of background music 
with his guitar teacher at a comedy show.

I was well-celebrated for Mother's Day <3 

Lu completed 50 hours of a cooking apprenticeship,
which is now over until the chef comes back
for the next high tourism season.

Until then, he's practicing his gourmet skills at home!

We've had incredible plates like Pad Thai

 Mango Coconut Shrimp

and SUSHI!!!

 We started the second chapter in our Algebra book.
Chapter 1 took us four months!

This is hard stuff, but we're doing it. And I'm proud of myself for not hiring a math tutor, because this does NOT come naturally to me. I failed math my last year of high school after years of barely passing, and now I'm successfully teaching it to my son. It's a great feeling. So if anybody out there is doubting homeschooling because you feel like you can't teach something, I'm proof that YOU CAN!

This weekend we're going to the city to participate in the on-going peaceful protests, with dozens of thousands of other people, to demand the resignation of our president and the rest of his corrupt government. Here's Lu making a poster for it:

So we'll be in the middle of this in a few days:

And lastly, here's Lu making up a new tune on his guitar:

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