Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Some Cool Websites for 2015

We'll be starting our 2015 school year later than usual.

We have family visiting, friends in town, 
and general lingering of vacation-ness vibes.

We're taking this year as a transitory year. Lu did fine in all his subjects, but I just don't feel like we're ready for 7th grade. And he's growing up so quickly. Teenager-y is just around the corner. So I want to take this year to ease up on the academics and enjoy my 12yo as much as possible.

We'll be doing lots of swimming, hiking, reading together, cooking and baking, and running art classes in our afterschool programs. We'll continue our history studies and start on some algebra (yikes). And I'm putting together some cool websites for Lu to explore.

So, here it is, a short list of websites that I think my 12yo 
6th/7th grader will really enjoy:

1. YouTube - The Science Channel

 Awesome videos on ALL kinds of stuff.

Learn about plant, animal, and bacterial cells
though tutorials and games.

Make music by learning basic mixing.
Super fun!

 Learn to code!

7. Big History Project

I'm very excited about this one!

Big THANKS!!! to all the awesome homeschool bloggers 
who share great, free, educational resources throughout the year,
and of course to the creators of those resources.


  1. Good one!
    I love "The Kids Should See This", isn't it remarkable!

  2. Thanks for posting these great resources, especially the link to Cell Games! We are doing a unit on cells right now so I will definitely check it out!