Sunday, November 2, 2014

Birthday Week 2014

My baby boy turned 12!


When we started homeschooling four years ago,
we started a tradition of taking the whole week off
and having as much fun as we possibly can
for our birthdays.

Lu's grown SO much this year.

Here are last year's and this year's
pics of him reading his Bday card.

Here are some moments from our fabulous week:

Picnic at the Lake

With freshly squeezed orange juice by Lu


The Electric Guitar
(that he's been begging for all year and hasn't
stopped playing since he got his hands on it)


A Halloween Party

Sunday at our favorite BBQ & Pool


And missing are pics of Mega Sushi Feast, 
Ping Pong and Billiards Tournaments,
and Karaoke Birthday Night.

It was a BLAST!

1 comment:

  1. I love your birthday-week-in-review pics!!!!!!
    I can't believe how fast they grow... ;(
    My son will be 14 in a few weeks... :(