Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Piercings, Pie, and Epiphanies

We are back from a three-week break
with a new haircut and a second piercing.

Lu's mama thinks he's lookin' pretty cool.

Last Saturday he spent the entire evening baking
for the community market on Sunday.

He made a key-lime pie and a cheesecake,
and took his earrings to sell too.

 Both pies were gone in under half an hour!

He made over $15!!!
And around here, considering he only invested 4-5 hours,
that's almost enough to live on!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Breaks always bring some sort of epiphany for me with them.

This break really made it clear that:

a) my little boy is almost no longer a little boy


b) I want to spend as much fun time with this little boy,
for the little bit of time I have left with him, as I can.

So, I've decided to slow way down on the academics
and give more time to playing games,
swimming, hiking, singing, dancing,
and making things...

like this homemade, natural amplifier that Lu made
with bamboo for his iPad. 


There will always be more time to learn history or algebra. 
I'll be 39 tomorrow and I'm still learning :)