Friday, February 14, 2014

The Sushi Chef's Apprentice

A few weeks ago, a new sushi place opened in town. We live in a VERY small town (pop. 4,000), so having our own local sushi bar is a VERY special luxury. Last year, the same place was rented out by a different sushi chef, and Lu and I were there sometimes twice a week. Lu made friends with the crew and they taught him how to roll like a pro. They were only here for a short time, but this new sushi crew wants to stay. Hurray!

So, we went to give it a try and, again, Lu made friends with the sushi crew, and negotiated an apprenticeship! So, the following week, Lu - apron in hand - went for his first day as a sushi chef's apprentice. 

He started with some washing and chopping,

and grating ginger (lots of it).

He ran some errands to the downstairs kitchen.

and helped make the side salads.

(yes, that does say Tantric Octopus Tempura, and I'm trying to be inconspicuous at the furthest table, drinking a beer)

After doing all the preps, it was time to get to the good stuff -

Making dumplings!

He also took my order (very professionally):
one spicy tuna roll and one dark beer (yes, another one).
Extra wasabi please.

He did a great job!


  1. I want to live with you for awhile. (smile)

    I love it that he is so enterprising and motivated!
    Viva la Sushi Chef!