Friday, January 10, 2014

Just A Little Bit Longer

Our homeschool year runs from Jan-Dec with two months off in 1-3 week breaks. We are usually "back-to-school" by now, but we're taking another week off instead. We really needed a vacation. And I can't stress the "really" enough. 

Last year was a hard year. Math was hard. Our mom-son dynamic was hard. Our learning dynamic was hard. We got lost in the schedule and the routine. We formed bad habits, especially in the way we talk to each other. 

So, we're taking this time to find Peace again. 
Quiet. Simplicity. Patience. 
And Getting Along.

Lu's become very passionate about really learning to play his guitar.

He plays "Wild Thing" and "Beat It",
 and "Summer Lovin'" (from Grease).

It's fun to hear how his playing develops.

Over the holidays, we had lots of friends come to visit.

On Saturdays, 
Lu's been taking guitar lessons with another homeschooler,

followed by Improv Theater with more kids.

We've been having lots of lazy PJ days too.
And kayaking, and parties, and movies...

Breaks are SO important.
Don't forget to fit them in.


  1. Your area is so beautiful, Gabriela!

  2. I must remember your wise words - breaks are so important. I'd love to pop on over and hang out in that river of yours...