Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Orange Peels, Chocolate Cakes, and Tests

December has been pretty random. We're finishing up the calendar year and the school year. Since we've finished most of our 5th grade stuff, we're doing little art projects here and there. Lu's been playing lots of guitar and learning more with YouTube tutorials, and other sites like Kids Guitar Zone.
Orange Peel Creation:

A little friend we caught:

One of the many baked wonders Lu's been whipping up:

At the end of the year, we practice testing.
I download whatever standardized tests I can find
for whatever grade Lu's in, print them, and hand them over.

Here, he's doing a California 5th grade Science test:

Lu knows that they're just for practice,
and to help us see which areas we haven't covered.

Not that we have to cover everything,
but it's good to know where we stand
in relation to the "standard".

Our social arts project is also finishing up,
and the kids are getting ready for our
End-of-Year show.

Pictures of the show coming next week!


  1. Scorpions! Um, no thanks!! How lucky are you to have a boy that cooks cake for you??? I can't wait to see pics of the show :-)

    1. You're an Aussie, you can't be afraid of scorpions! Not to worry, ours aren't poisonous (like the many poisonous critters you have over there. lol)