Friday, October 11, 2013

Flash Mob, Banana Cream Pie, and a Rifle

Last week was a very different kind of week for us. I was hired to choreograph a Flash Mob -type performance and Lu learned the moves and participated in all the rehearsals. There were a few other kids in the group, and it was loads of fun! In a couple of weeks, the group will make their dance debut. Lu has been invited to join them and is VERY excited.

There were also some drumming and face-painting workshops Lu took part in. He had an awesome 5 days meeting new people and learning cool stuff.

* * * * * *

Recently, in Lu's kitchen:

There was a Banana Cream Pie to die for.

Cha brought some ribs home 
and challenged Lu to make baked BBQ ribs, 
which he did, and very well!

 There were also these very cute zucchini rolls -

And last Saturday, a friend came over to cook.
Together, they made a 4-course dinner for some very lucky parents.


Lu's cooking blog is up and running. 
We had a great time making the header for it -

We're finishing up most of our 5th grade curriculum.
Math and Spelling are almost done.
In History, we're working through The Slavs.
And in Science, we're learning about volume, density,
and buoyancy.

It's jocote season again!

pure deliciousness

Which means that Lu wants to spend EVERY waking hour 
picking them from our many jocote trees.

There are lots of new tools in the workshop
that Lu is learning to use.

Together, Lu and Cha designed and built
this elastic-propelled launcher.
(aka rifle)

We never allowed toy guns...

but the rules are different for self-made... "launchers".


  1. Life at your place looks so much fun!!!

    What's in the zucchini rolls ? They look tasty :)

  2. A flash mob? How fun! That banana cream pie looks fantastic, and I love Lu's blog header. It's beautiful and creative. Good stuff happening all around!

  3. I sooooo wanna be a flash mob! Choreographed by you? Even better! Lu is so impressive in the kitchen - I'm a tad jealous! And I love that you have fruit I've never heard of :-)