Friday, July 19, 2013

Taking Breaks and an Addition to the Pack

Ah! How nice indeed it is to take a homeschool vacation!

We took a whole wonderful two weeks off.

 And we were visited by an awesome homeschool family from Iowa.
We met through SHS - a great place to meet secular homeschoolers.

 It was really neat to hang out with other homeschooled kids,
especially since there are none in our community.

They collaborated on a new habitat for the tadpoles.

we added a new puppy to our pack.

Sadly, he has distemper,
a virus that kills 50% of infected dogs.

Lu has been nursing the puppy with great tenderness
and dedication. It has been beautiful to watch.

On Monday we got back to work.

But Chewbacca (as he has been named)
wants to be held by one of us ALL the time.

 You may recall our other pup, Achik, from a recent post.
She came to us from the street, severely malnourished.
Just a couple months ago she was Chewbacca's size,
and look at her now!

about taking vacations...

It was very refreshing. 

This is our third year homeschooling, and I'm just starting to understand the importance of taking breaks. Learning doesn't stop during breaks. After two weeks of watching Lu build an ecosystem, bake new desserts, and learn about pet care - among many other things, all of his own accord - I am more and more interested in changing up the way we do things and looking more towards unschooling.


  1. You've always looked like unschoolers to me anyhow :)

  2. I love your combo of structure and natural learning! It inspires me and helps me remember you don't have to do all of one or the other - both have value. Oh and love the puppies :-)

  3. Good luck with the new puppy!
    Very cool that you had some homeschooled visitors. We're meeting up with some in Sept. on the train. We're going to Portland OR and they're getting on a few stops before us and also going to OR, though this is their first train ride and I don't even know how many for we'll get to share our train traveling tips with them.