Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Stuff I Can't Get With My Camera

Lu sometimes complains about how much I put the camera in his face. I try to always have it handy to capture the moments I want to write about and share here. 

I love sharing pictures because, when I first started homeschooling, seeing what real homeschoolers looked like when they were doing their thing was especially helpful.

But, I can't always have the camera handy, and there are things that just aren't photographically possible, like:

- how carefully Lu walked the two miles back down the mountain so as not to dizzy the tadpoles (being transported in a yogurt container) that he caught in the pond. And, subsequently, the independent research he did on WHAT to feed them and HOW to care for them.

- the way we lean against each other when we're sitting on the bench, working together at my computer.

- the amazing day he had with my friend's son who came to visit, and the games they played, and how special it was to see Lu with a like-minded kid who also likes to play make-believe. Why can't there be more of them?

-  when he reaches out for a hug in the middle of a math problem, and I know that a part of him is just trying to delay dealing with long division, but a part of him really does want a hug.

- the spontaneous nap we took, cuddled up together on the day bed, after eating lunch with an episode of BBC's Blue Planet.

 - how well he's been translating for his theater group's teacher who doesn't speak much Spanish, and realizing that it's giving him some awesome training in facilitation. He REALLY wants to be a workshop teacher in our arts programs, so this is fantastic practice.

- all the little comments that Lu makes throughout the day that reassure me that he not only IS learning from our classes, but is retaining A LOT more than I am. lol. 

- the impromptu dramatic account of Julius Caesar's life that turned into a one-man theatrical performance, where Lu was playing both Caesar and all the members of the senate stabbing him to death!

- that our home was much more relaxed this week because Cha and I made the decision to try to not nag Lu as much, to not expect so much from him, and to remember that - even though we know he's capable of all the things we ask of him - sometimes it's nice to just let go and let him figure out for himself if and how he is going to contribute to the household chores, if he's going to remember to pick up his clothes, or brush his teeth, or wash the dishes, or be ready to start schoolwork at 8am... before we have to ask him to. It's an experiment. But the reduction in arguing and negotiating has been lovely - even though there were dirty socks and sweatshirts strewn throughout the house.

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  1. I love pics too! Especially yours, because we don't get to see much of lifestyles in Central America here! But there are so many moments we can't capture and it was nice to read yours :-)

    Oh the nagging. Yep.

    Love the cat!