Monday, December 12, 2011

Coffee Pickin'

December is coffee harvest time where we live, so we went picking. Dad left a trail of sawdust leading up the mountain for us to follow. We went to a piece of land that he's developing as a food forest. It turned into quite an adventure, as 3/4 of the way there, Dad ran out of sawdust, so our trail disappeared and we had to find our own way (with some help from our mountain-loving dogs). We finally got there, tied sacks around our waists and picked away.


  1. Hard to believe you are picking coffee when here it is so dark and cold. The only things we seem to have available to harvest now is cabbage and brussel sprouts!
    I shall think of you as I sip my morning coffee!

  2. Really cool! :) I've never known anyone that has picked coffee beans before! LOL! I *love* coffee....drooolllll....

  3. The picking is the easy part, but peeling the beans is a hellish job. Toasting the beans is the best part, it fills the whole neighborhood with a most wonderful aroma.